April 1, 2010

ICC-ES Gives Thumbs Up to Quick Mounts


Customers have been telling us for years how reliable Quick Mounts are, now we're pleased to announce we have the ICC-ES certification to back it up! Quick Mount PV's Composition and Shake Mounts, our top selling products, have earned the building industry's most respected and widely accepted stamp of approval for waterproofing and structural integrity.

The ICC is a leading authority on =building safety and fire codes, and their certification is highly sought after and universally respected. The ICC-ES certification means more than just an honor for us here at Quick Mount PV. It also makes it a snap for you - the installers, designers, contractors, architects and building officials who want to use our Composition or Shake Mounts - to get approval for your project.

The ICC-ES (International Code Council - Evaluation Services) report, ESR-3744, is available online here.

Whether your design and installation follows the International Building Code, a state building code, or any of the many building departments and other authorities having jurisdiction, you can simply reference our ICC report number (ICC-ESR-2835) when documentation of code compliance is required.