Solar Installation Time Lapse Video

Today we wanted to share with you a time lapsed solar installation video made by our friends over at Sun Valley Solar Solutions, an installation company out of Chandler, Arizona. This 7.85 kW PV system features our Quick Hook product and 24 SunPower modules and a SunPower inverter. Using Quick Hooks for rooftop solar installations on tile can speed up installation time and has a great aesthetic look.


  1. says

    Really cool video! Solar power is something I’ve really been considering lately with rising energy costs. Wit companies like Tesla really pushing for the widespread use it’s making it easier to adopt. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive right now.

    • Jeff Spies says

      Solar is cheaper than grid power in many states.

      If leasing is happening in your area, solar is often cheaper than your electric utility power, but if you purchase the system with cash, or even a loan, the financial performance is very attractive in CA, AZ, NV, NM, HI, NY, NJ, MA, MD, and a number of other growing solar states.

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